Babyliss For Men I Trim Stubble Beard Trimmer – Best Stubble Trimmer

Looking for a close shave? Tired of trimmers that promise a close shave but never lives up to their promise? Looking for the best way to remove facial hair? One of the only trimmers that I have ever come across that lives up to its promises is the Babyliss For Men 7850U I-Trim Stubble Trimmer. This amazing professional hair trimmers will give you a 0.5mm shave in no time!

If you have used an electric hair trimmers before then you will know that it takes much less time to shave with them when compared to the manual razor. The problem was that most of these electric shavers never shaved as close as they promised, but all that change with this amazing shaver invention.

The Babyliss For Men 7850U I-Trim Stubble Trimmer, like some of the other trimmer available, neatly provides the amount of battery left with a battery indicator on the side. Another great feature about this specific trimmer is that it can be used as both a corded and cordless hair trimmers making the unit perfect for travel and home use.

There have been some complaints mostly because people don’t know how to use this unit. It is important to keep the head straight as this will provide optimal performance. To change the length you can simply do it electronically no need for extra work. The babyliss for men i trim stubble 7850u beard trimmer unit has an amazing 30 different lengths that you can choose from and it will automatically adjust.

The blades are titanium and never needs oiling, this saves allot of time.

Perfect for everyday stubble control

30 length settings from just 0.5mm to 15mm

Unique motorised comb with touch control

Electrochemically formed blades with Titanium

Blades do not need to be oiled

This unit is perfect from goatee grooming to beard shave to clean head shaves. It is the ultimate beard moustache trimmer and to make it even better it is a dry shaving trimmer.

The battery will run on full charge for about thirty minutes, more than enough to get a nice close shave. If the battery starts giving trouble simply send it back to BaByliss and they will send you a new one. I received an e-mail the other day form someone that his battery died. I told him to send it in and he reported that they sent him a brand new one. It is very important to charge the unit for 16 hours when you first buy it. VERY IMPORTANT if you do not do this you WILL damage the battery, lots of people complain about the battery problems because they were too hasty and missed this simple step.

This unit is very easy to use and you will get used to it very fast. In fact I can’t believe that I ever shaved with a normal shaver. This takes much less time and has the same result. This is defiantly one of the best beard trimmers out there.


The Babyliss For Men I Trim Stubble 7850u Beard Trimmer is not available anymore as it has been replaced by the much better FORFEX by Babyliss PRO FX670 Professional. But dont Worry as the FX670 is one of the best stubble trimmer around.

Some Important features include

  • 5 position adjustable switch (0.8mm, 1.3mm, 1.8mm, 2.3mm, and 2.8mm)
  • Two speed clipper (Low-6500rpm & High 8500rpm)
  • 45mm fixed blade with titanium carbon coating and moving ceramic blade
  • LED light to show charging time. 70 minutes quick charge providing 90 minutes of cutting time
  • Includes illuminating charging stand, lubricating oil, cleaning brush and storage/travel bag

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