Best Electric Can Opener Reviews

Purchasing an automatic can opener is an excellent idea as these can help to make opening your cans that much easier. While you can generally expect to pay more for these items compared to the manual units, just keep in mind that you get what you pay for. With that said, these electric can openers are actually not that much more expensive but they can truly make a world of difference.

An automatic can opener can make things much easier

The problem with using a manual can opener is that it can often be difficult to use and then you would have to deal with the likelihood that it could jam. Since these have to be operated by using your hands, they could also be slightly dangerous in the sense that you could very well cut your finger. This is possible especially since the top of the can typically pops up.

Each year there are tons of new gadgets that help to make things at home or in the office that much easier and one of these is the automatic can opener. All you simply do is plan the can in the device, push a button and it will literally take a few seconds to open it. This is rather beneficial for numerous reasons especially if you are the type of individual who likes to automate tasks to save a bit of time.

These devices are very easy to operate

There is actually another popular item on the market called the One Touch can opener which is a tiny handheld device that gets placed on top of the can. Then all you do is just push a button and it will take care of the rest for you in a safe manner. This makes the process that much easier while producing a much better finish instead of having the jagged edges which could cut you.

The use of the electric can opener not only makes this task very simple, but it also requires very little effort compared to using a manual unit which can jam. In addition, there are also other models available like the stainless steel can opener which add a more visual appeal. Keep in mind though that these might cost a little bit more but they are definitely worth it as they are built to be durable and reliable.

The touch free automatic can opener make excellent purchases

One thing to remember about the automatic can opener is that they are typically cordless so they rely on batteries in order to operate. That means that you will need to ensure that you replace them whenever the batteries are no longer working. However, you should be able to purchase those units that are come with a rechargeable pack so you can just plug it in for added convenience.

Some of the problems with the automatic stainless steel electric can opener are that some models have cords attached to them which severely limit their mobility. Depending on your circumstances, this may or may not be such a big deal but some individuals prefer cordless units. This means that you won’t have to deal with cords being tangled with each other so you get a much nicer presentation.

Many different available brands to choose

When choosing which automatic can opener to buy, there are many different brands available to choose from including Krups, KitchenAid, Cuisinart and Black and Decker. Which one you choose is entirely your choice as these devices all work pretty much the same way. If you are still not sure which one to buy, then you can always read can opener reviews online so you know exactly what to expect.

Another nice thing about going online is that you can find some great deals as you can literally compare prices in just minutes. This means that you can find a KitchenAid can opener or an under cabinet can opener at a price that matches your budget. As mentioned above, you can also be able to read reviews so you know what other individuals have said about the same product.

Choose a can opener that matches your needs

When choosing an automatic can opener, you should also take into consideration the other type of appliances that you have. If you are the type of individual who likes to have things in their kitchen matching, then you should carefully consider what your options are. However, these openers are such a small purchase that it probably won’t really make that much of a difference for you.

With so many different choices available on the hands free can opener, you are sure to find something that matches your needs and suits your preferences. Just remember that you should check out the features that the product has and whether it is built to be durable. Spending a little extra on a quality product is definitely worth it compared to spending money on a generic brand.

Spend a little extra on a quality hands free automatic can opener

Just remember that you always get what you pay for so spending a little extra is certainly worth the investment as these will prove to be beneficial for many years. The nice thing about the handheld can opener is that you can literally take them with you just about anywhere. This means that they are very much portable for added convenience so you will not regret purchasing a good quality one.

Keep in mind that if you get a battery operated can opener, you should definitely have spare batteries lying around just in case. If you do not, then you might be forced to using a manual model which is something that you probably would not want. If you plan on purchasing a restaurant can opener, then be sure that you purchase a model that is bulky and rather durable.

Safety is of utmost importance

Just for good measure, you might want to purchase multiple units just in case especially if you plan on opening cans on a regular basis. Just be sure that you know how to use a can opener prior to actually using one as the last thing you would want is to cut yourself. Another thing to remember is that it is definitely a good idea to read through the instruction manual prior to getting started.

When using an automatic can opener, always be sure to implement safety precautions as you definitely would not want the device to get wet or anything. If the one you buy is made from stainless steel or has a chrome finish, then be sure to wipe it off occasionally to prevent it from rusting. With that said, the following are best electric can opener reviews of popular products you can choose from.

OneTouch can opener

This device has been made popular from the As Seen on TV show as this is very easy to use and requires little effort to get it working. What makes this opener from One Touch most attractive is that it is able to cut all around without leaving any sharp edges. There is also a built in magnet as well which picks up the lid so it does not fall inside the can’s contents.

This handheld can opener is powered by 2 AA batteries which incidentally, are not included so you will need to purchase these separately. The good thing is that it can literally open cans in seconds as all you do is simply push a button. The small size of this device makes it very convenient as you can simply just store it away in a drawer whereas those counter top models are unable to do this.

Hamilton Beach electric can opener

If you are looking for something that looks a bit more sleek, then this model features a black and chrome finish that is sure to compliment the rest of your kitchen. Like the OneTouch can opener, this model also utilizes a cutting system so that the edges are smooth. It even comes with an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to use as it provides effortless operation.

One thing to keep in mind is that this model is priced slightly more than the one as reviewed above but still achieves the same thing. This automatic can opener from Hamilton Beach comes highly recommended by others and it’s not difficult to see why. It measures 5 by 4 by 9 inches so it makes a perfect countertop model and it even comes with a 1 year warranty.

Black and Decker Gizmo electric can opener

This opener from Black and Decker is also another popular choice as it is a cordless model that is completely hands free. It comes with a lid release mechanism on it which makes it rather easy to open up the lid while disposing of it afterwards. The unit is also dishwasher safe as you can easily remove the blades so that you can clean it up afterwards.

For added safety, it comes with an auto shut off feature that automatically powers down the automatic can opener when you are done using it. What makes it most attractive also is the fact that you can take it with you just about anywhere as it is able to open up a lot of cans with a full charge. This model will most definitely make an excellent addition to the rest of your appliances in your kitchen.

West Bend electric can openers

Like the Hamilton Beach model, this cordless can opener also features an aluminum finish to make it look even more sleek. It also features a design that is able to accommodate tall cans and regular sized cans for added convenience. It also comes with a bottle opener and even a knife shaper that can be found in the back of the unit.

Like the model as reviewed above, it comes with an automatic shut off feature that helps to save energy so you can use it for other applications as well. While you should still read the instruction manual, this device is very easy to use. All you need to do is simply put the can in the slot, press the lever down and it will open up the lid for you in literally seconds.

Just remember to shop around first

Purchasing an automatic can opener is extremely beneficial for obvious reasons and they are actually much more affordable than you think. Besides the models as reviewed above, you can also choose from Cuisinart, Krups and many others. Just remember to think about what your needs are prior to purchasing them as you might want something that is more heavy duty or commercial based.

This will of course just depend on your personal needs and what you plan on using them for so be sure to think about it first before making the purchase. When you buy one of these devices, always read the instruction manual first so you know how to operate it safely. The one touch automatic can opener is an excellent purchase and one that you will definitely not regret for years to come.

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