Advantages of Surface Treated Pigments and Powders

Surface treated pigments and powders are widely used in the cosmetics and pharma industry across the world. The surface treatment uplifts the functional attributes and physical appearance of the end products. These enhancements also help in effective application of the products. Additionally, the product sales go up if the product characteristics stand out for the end users.

Types of surface treatments

There are several types performed across the world to achieve desired product characteristics. Some manufacturers have developed proprietary formulas for surface treatment of powders. It is also being researched at high-end labs for manufacturers to bring out innovative products in the market.

Some of the popular surface treatments for pigments and powders are:

Silicone Treatments 
Dimethicone treatment and Methicone treatment are silicone-based surface treatments. These treatments lend a wet feel and stunning colours to powder or liquid foundations in cosmetics. Also, Dimethicone is a hydrophobic treatment, perfect for creating water-resistant skin products and gives good skin adhesion features.

Alkyl Silane Treatments 
Surface treated pigments or powders made using Alkyl Silane Treatments give a soft texture and oil compatibility to cosmetics and skin care products.

Amino Acid Treatment 
With this treatment, surface treated powders used for making foundation powders get properties such as good spread, soft finish, skin adhesion and so on.

Lauroyl Lysine Treatment 
Products such as lipstick, face powder, eye shadows, blush powder etc. can protect skin with the anti-oxidant feature added to them through the Lauroyl Lysine Treatment.

Lipoamino Acid Treatment 
Lipoamino Acid treatment is used in the production of eyeshadows, eyeliners and other beauty products. These surface treated pigments make the products appear silky and colourful.

Lecithin Treatment 
Lecithin treatment is used to produce surface treated pigments for manufacturing cosmetic products such as lipsticks, liquid foundations, mascaras, and others. This treatment adds characteristics such as creamy feel, strong skin adhesion, water resistance etc. to cosmetics.

Key functional benefits of Surface Treated Pigments

Surface treatment of pigments using titanium dioxide gives the UV filter function to sunscreen products.

Depending on the surface treatment formula, surface treated pigments and powders blend with various oils to enhance the functional output of products such as skin care creams, lip balms etc. Because of the treatment, the skin products are able to show characteristics such as skin moisturising, skin softening etc.

Surface treatments make it easier for offering cosmetics and skin care products in different forms of applications such as cream-based tubes, powder-based product kits, waterproof mascaras etc.

Cosmetic manufacturers and pharma companies use surface treatments to create superior quality products. Treatments make the cosmetic products look appealing by holding the product contents together without unappealing cracks.

Surface treated pigments and powders are known for their many advantages. Depending on the area of application of cosmetic and pharma products, the prescribed ingredients have to be used carefully for production. Reputed pigment and powder manufacturers use the right procedures and testing methods to produce the pigment colours ethically.

Experienced manufacturers of surface treated pigments are aware of the regulatory constraints. Their well-researched cosmetic and pharma colour solutions make it easy for product manufacturers to give the right colour and characteristics for their products.

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